Why open yet another blog about the world of interior design, when there are already many, and even more authoritative ones? Why extending a Florence architecture website with a dedicated blog?
Simple: to provide an “insider” look to those who are interested in the subject of interior architecture, or are just intrigued by it, or perhaps caress about the idea of ​​undertaking a home restyling, and just want to better understand “what are we talking about when we talk about interior architecture”. In Florence, let’s add – or in Tuscany, because the range of action does not change the focal point of the discussion – this means dealing with a city of art, whose historic center has been listed by UNESCO since 1982, and therefore it is subject to innumerable restrictions and protection constraints on most of the existing building heritage.

AZEGLIO SUITE / Interior / Architecture/ Apartment Renovation, 90 mq / Firenze / 2018

AZEGLIO SUITE / Interior / Architecture/ Apartment Renovation, 90 mq / Firenze / 2018

In order to avoid this massive presence of the past does to become a burden, if you want to deal with interior architecture in Florence maybe better develop, in addition to specific skills, also a real aptitude towards finding the balance between tradition and avant-garde; an ineffable goal, never to be taken for granted.

In interior design, we are often asked to tell an authentic flair inside the design process, showing a style which is intimately connected to the places and their atmosphere, in opposition to the one-size-fits-all maximised design; in other words something that recalls the legacy of the past and does not hide the signs of history even in an intervention with a decidedly contemporary language.

LA VILLA HOTEL / Interior / Architecture / Hotel renovation / Siena, 2015

ALFIERI 9 HOTEL / Interior / Architecture
Hotel renovation, 8 rooms / Firenze, 2016

This often occurs more in hospitality and hotel design, which is most of our interior architecture tasks in Florence; just alike all “cities of art” Florence is a magnet for evolved tourist flows, and these customers ask for a “memorable” stay experience.

HOTEL LA FORTEZZA / Interior / Architecture
Hotel renovation / Project / Firenze, 2019

With these premises, we always try to drive our architecture practice – mostly when we have to act in the historic center of Florence – towards the search for a recognizable and authentic style, far from clichés and with a touch of freshness in every detail (and if required, by inserting a certain touch that unequivocally reminds us that we are right here in Florence).

It’s hard to say if we always succeed: the satisfaction of our customers is our best gratification, because this proofs that they understand the value of a “tailor-made” design.

CASA M / Interior / Architecture
Rural house renovation, / Siena, 2019

AZEGLIO SUITE / Interior / Architecture/ Apartment Renovation, 90 mq / Firenze / 2018

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