ZPSTUDIO ARCHITETTI is an associated professional practice established in Florence in 2003 by Matteo Zetti and Eva Parigi. They both trained at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence where they have been lecturing for years.
The studio is committed to creating retail and exhibition spaces, corporate brand solutions and limited edition design products, in parallel to a dedicated promotion of contemporary design topics, often networking with design galleries, universities and cultural institutions.
In the retail field, the studio is a consultant for the store development and project management for some major brands in the fashion and footwear industry, both in Italy and abroad.
Eva and Matteo with their staff of young professionals consistently partake of collaborations with a selection of Italian and international companies, in furniture, accessories and lighting projects. Furthermore, the studio has been growing through years some limited edition design collections, which are being developed through a close collaboration with Italian artisans and companies, under the brand title ZPSTUDIOTOOLS.
The projects and works of ZPSTUDIO have received numerous awards and recognitions in international contexts and are featured on main specialized press.

Matteo Zetti_ (Florence, 1968) graduated with honors in Architecture in Florence in 1997. His expertise is focused on architectural design, interior design and architecture. He is a consultant for some italian engineering companies, with the role of manager and coordinator of executive designs, construction management and pilotage for commercial space design.

Eva Parigi_ (Siena, 28/12/68) graduated with honors in Architecture at the University of Florence (Italy), and finalized in 2005 her PhD research, receiving scholarship at the same University, Department of Architecture and Urban design, and also specialized in exhibit design at Domus Academy. She has been focusing mostly in the interior and exhibit design, also as a teacher and lecturer of the same topics. From 2009 to 2017 she has been in the board of the Architects Association.


2022 Maison&Objet, ZPSTUDIO Design Editions, Hall A – Booth P22, 08-12 Settembre 2022
2019 All around design, Bologna design week, c/o Spazio b5, Vicolo Cattani 5b, 40126 Bologna, 23th-28th September h. 10.00am – 08.00pm
2019 Milano design week, Hybritèque – The hybrid Bibliotèque, Biblioteca S.I.A.M., 5vie design district, April 8/14 2019, h10:00/20:00
2018 Fuorisalone Milano, ZPSTUDIO / new collections: c/o Aesthetic visions, via Palermo 5; and Rossini Art&Design hub, via Rossini 3, Milano, April 17/22, 2018.
2017 Ve-nice stuff, Fondaco dei Tedeschi, Venice. Dec 15, 2017 – feb 18, 2018; curated by Kanz Architetti and T Fondaco dei Tedeschi.
2017 Why design, Operae – Independent design festival, curated by Alice Stori Lichtenstein, Lingotto exhibition centre, Turin. Nov 3-5 2017.
2017 Just a moment, Sino italian Design Exchange center, Florence – Via Pisana, 77. Curated by Honglei Bao, Ines Cui, Stefano Follesa, July12-17 2017.
2017 Selected, Designmonat Graz, curated by Alexa Holzer, Naturkunde Museum Joanneumsviertel, Graz. April 28 –May 28, 2017.
2017 Milan design week, ZPSTUDIO. Between design and research, c/o Colè Atelier, Rossini Art & design hub, via Rossini 3, Milan. April 3-9, 2017.
2017 Milan design week, “Obstacles and solutions”, curated by Valia Barriello, Source. Frida/Isola, via del Pollaiuolo, 3 Milan. April 3-9, 2017.
2016 Matter of Stuff, at Dream Space Gallery, London. 20 September – 30 October 2016.
2016 Source – Self-made design, with Share Pop-up: Anthropocèni, Fondazione Il Bisonte, Florence, 15-22 September 2016.
2016 OPERAE Independent Design Festival, “Designing the future”, curated by Annalisa Rosso. Palazzo Cisterna, Turin, 3-6 November 2016.
2016 Milan Design Week. Solo exhibition Anthropocèni, Galleria Mirco Cattai, via Manzoni 12 Milano, 11-17 April 2016.
2016 Arredo 2016 at Fiera Bolzano, 11-13 March 2016.
2016 Design Research – Fiera Vicenza at Spaziocasa, curated by Isai Design Academy, 11-13 and 18-20 March 2016.
2015 OPERAE Independent Design Festival, “Qui e ora: sotto effetto presente” Palazzo Cavour, Torino 6-8 November 2015.
2015 Shape + Taste, curated by Made da Franco and Ingranaggi Possibili, Villa Il Mulinaccio, Vaiano 25 April-10 May 2015.
2015 Fuorisalone Milano 2015, solo exhibition. Via Ventura 3 Milano. 14-19 April.
2015 Design Research Vicenza, curated by Ivano Vianello and ISAI Design Academy, Spazio Casa Fiera di Vicenza, booth 7. 13-15 and 19-22 March.
2014 Manos, Rassegna di Design Autoprodotto. At Studio IVdesign, Palazzo Valmarana Braga, Corso Fogazzaro 16 Vicenza, 12-21 December.
2014 Fuorisalone Milano, Indipendent Hub curated by Swart. Via Savona 53 Milano, 8-13 April.
2014 Fuorisalone Milano, Supercraft curated by Source, Self-made design, promoted by CNA Milano and CNA Firenze. Via Savona 52 Milano, 8-13 April.
2014 Fuorisalone Milano, With the group Manos at Spazio Ventura Hive, Ventura Lambrate Milano, 8-13 April.
2014 Fuorisalone Milano, Solo exhibition What happens when a designer meets local artisans? At Florsheim Store, Piazza San Babila 4A, 7-13 April.
2013 Plai Idee in plastica, curated by 70m2, via Poggiali 10 Livorno. 30 November-21 December 2013.
2013 OPERAE Independent Design Festival, Cantieri OGR Torino, 11-13 October 2013.
2013 Source: self-made design, curated by Altrove Associazione Culturale, Limonaia Villa Strozzi, Florence. September 12-19 2013.
2013 Talent on the Table, on the occasion of Taste of Milano. Curated by Innerdesign at Superstudiopiù, via Tortona Milano. 30 may- 2 june 2013.
2013 Now! Design à vivre, Maison et Objet, Paris. With Slowdesign. 18-22 january 2013.
2013 Macef Milano, at Creazioni Designer. Fieramilano Rho, 24-27 january 2013.
2012 Past Shock, curated by City Vision Florence, Mlab Architetti, Florence. 14 december 2012.
2012 Now! Design à vivre, Maison et Objet, Parigi. Con Slowdesign. 7-11 september 2012.
2012 Pirkko Gallery, Manos Temporary Shop, Helsinki World Design Capital. 27 may-15 august 2012.
2012 Helsinki-Venetsia, Manos Temporary Shop, Helsinki World Design Capital. 25-27 may 2012.
2011 Macef Milano, at Creazioni Designer. Fieramilano Rho, 8-11 september 2011.
2011 Fuori Salone Milano, Milan Design Week, various locations, 11-17 april 2011.
2010 Slow design in Florence, on the occasion of Florens, Sdrucciolo dei Pitti, Florence. 20 november 2010.
2010 Torino Design Week, Operae, Borsa Merci, Turin. 5-7 november 2010.
2010 Opendesign Italia, Caccia al Designer, october-november 2010, Bologna.
2010 Garagedesign, Tortonaspazionovi, via Novi 1, Milano. 14-19 april 2010.
2010 Ten Design Stories from Florence, curated by Facoltà di Architettura di Firenze, Comune di Firenze- Assessorato alla Cultura. Florence, Ex Murate Estate, january 16, 2010.
2009 La città originale, edited by S. Risaliti and P. Brugellis, Florence – Le Pagliere, may 29 to june 10.
2009 Designersblock, Milan Salone del mobile, Spazio Revel – Scalo d’Isola, Milan.
2008 Solo exhibition Novolume design_Light visions from Florence, Galleria Spiazzi Open Space, Venice, November 15-23, 2008.
2008 Designersblock, Milan Salone del mobile, ex-Piscine Argelati, Milan zona Tortona, April 17-21, 2008.
2008 Designboom Mart at Stockholm Furniture Fair, Hall K, Stockholm Alvsjo, February, 6-10 2008
2007 Designersblock at 100% design, Handled with care – Contemporary ceramic works, curated by Designboom, September 19-23, 2007, London UK.
2007 Festival of Creativity, Florence – Fortezza da Basso, 25-28 Ottobre 2007, TATUT! (Advanced Transformation of Tuscan Urban Territory) Exhibit and workshop.
2007 Florence Exit – Signals and ferments coming from a new architects’ rising generation, exhibit and meeting, Florence – Affratellamento Theatre, May 23 to June 1 2007.
2006 Stalag city, installation at Spazio Oltrevisore, SESV Architecture Gallery, Faculty of Architecture – University of Florence, Italy, October 2006.
2006 Festival of Creativity 2006, Florence, Italy – Fortezza da Basso, november 30 to 28 2007, TATUT! exhibit and workshop.
2005 The Storytellers, Beyond Media 05 Script, 8. International festival of architecture and media, Florence, Italy, december 1-11 2005.
2005 8×8 Urban script, urban environments during International festival of architecture and media
Florence, Italy, december 1-11 2005; with 8×8 network.
2005 8×8 – The scale of living, de Bardi Palace, Florence, Italy, with 8×8 network.
2004 I.dot Start up. The tasteful part of italian design”, may to december 2004, Chelsea Art Museum, New York.
2003 Intimacy, Image Beyond Media 03, 7. International festival of architecture and media, Florence, Italy, oct.2-12 2003.
2003 The home is mobile, Abbey National bank Design gallery, via Orefici, Milan.
2003 Let’s give a chance, Base contemporary art gallery, Florence, Italy.
2003 Working Insider, curated by Sergio Risaliti, Florence, Italy.
2002 Biennale di Venezia Next with Faculty of Architecture of Florence – Architecture Design Department.
2002 Now – Design à vivre, Maison et object 2002, Paris, France.
2001, 2002 e 2003 Milan Furniture fair, Milan, Italy.


2014 2nd Prize, section Furniture for a floor type, Contest for the design of First Access Area and Search Room and for the furniture and lighting of a floor type of Library of Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa.
2013 Winner project at Talent on the table, design contest promoted by Innerdesign and Eppela.
2012 Winner project at A’Design Award and Competition, Lighting Products category.
2011 Selected project at Hands on door handles, promoted by Designboom and Colombo Design.
2008 Selected project at Living Luxury, promoted by Consorzio P.M.I scarl and ADI Toscana.
2007 Alcantara Travel contest, selected project.
2007 Alcantara Everyday design contest, special mention.
2007 Competition workshop Contemporary light Lumen Center Italia, Milan, 1st prize.
2006 Uni-Adrion- Living as tourists, Bologne, selected project.
2006 Honorable mention Europan 8 – European urbanity: Livorno barriera Garibaldi.
2006 Toshiba with aedo-to competion workshop upon invitation, 3d prize.
2005 International architecture competition Nuova sistemazione di Piazza Ghiberti, Florence. 1st prize.
2004 International design competition Sky Office – The office of tomorrow, Newitalianblood and Upper Italia. 5th prize.
2004 Open living in container, Tokyo Designers’ week. 3rd prize.
2003 Honorable mention at the contest Regola la luce, aedo-to and TCI.
2003 1st prize Grandesign, with Spot-it, Lumen Center Italia, Milan.
2002 Best of Now Design à vivre, Paris. 1st prize.
2002 International design competition Allegri weather point. 1st prize.
2002 International design competition Lineapelle, Bologne, 1st prize ex-aequo.
2001 International design competition Nomad Light, aedo-to.com and Lumen Center Italia, Milan, 1st prize.
2001 International design competition Ecodesign Casa Toscana, Florence, 3d prize.
2001 Exhibit design competition Forum Omegna Verbania, 1st prize.
2000 La città del terzo millennio, Biennal Less aestethics more ethics, Venice, selected project.


2019 LEGACY MEETS INNOVATION. During Florence International biennal antiques fair, we are invited in the Ferragamo boutique to talk about legacy, innovation and functionality in the world of contemporary design.
2017 Fuck-up night, ZPSTUDIO: Easy pot, How a vase was born from a mistake, #sharethefailure, Impact Hub Florence, oct 12, 2017.
2016 Design Forum: ZPSTUDIO, Spazio casa – Fiera di Vicenza, curated by ISAI design academy, 16 March 2016.
2016 DIDA – Design campus: ZPSTUDIO – The space of hospitality, curated by S. Follesa e G. Bondielli, Aula magna – Palazzo Vegni, Florence, 9 June 2016.
2015 INSIDE STORIES, conferences around interior design, curated by Stefano Follesa, Giovanni Bartolozzi, Francesco Armato. University of Florence, Design Campus, Calenzano (FI), 11 November 2015.
2015 Workshop on independent design, packaging, production system; curated by Source, with Consorzio Comieco, Gumdesign, CODICE, In the Box Lab. RFKennedy Europe Florence, 25 November 2015.
2014 Source, self-made design. “Designer, artisan and maker: new scenarios for production”. Talk with Roberto Rubini, Lorenzo Damiani, Paolo Ulian, Enrico Bassi, Alessio Sarri. Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, Florence 11 September 2014.
2014 Source, self made design, workshop “Making tools. Designing with marble”, curated by ZPSTUDIO, Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, Florence, 16/09/2014.
2013 Source, self-made design. Meeting about self production. Chair: Andrea Ponsi, curated by Source and Altrove, Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, Florence, September 12 2013.
2012 Progetto Riva. The banks of the river Arno returned to the city.Contemporary art in urban design, curated by Valentina Gensini, Palazzo Vecchio Florence, September 2012.
2012 Florence Design Week: Repertori Design. Art e Dossier. Presentation curated by P. Bergamasco and V. Croci, Giunti editions. National Library of Florence, May 23 2012.
2010 Costruire digitale. Meeting about the changements of the profession of architect, curated by Marco Brizzi. Galleria SESV University of Florence, College of Architecture, April 9 2010.
2009 Apriti IED, European Design Institute, Roma, via Alcamo 11, June 24, 2009.
2008 Spot on Architecture, zpstudio/Firenze e BRH+/Torino, Design class – Florence School of Architecture, prof. Polazzi-Mannocci, May 28, 2008.
2008 Gilles Clement – Nine Planetary Gardens, Forum at SESV Gallery, Piazza Ghiberti, 27, Florence, with Florence French Institute and LEF, February 12 2008.
2008 Visions on the flow of the river, California State University, Florence, January 21 2008.
2007 TATUT! (Advanced Transformation of Tuscan Urban Territory) Teatro Studio, Scandicci, Florence December 11, 2007.
2005 Words of Architecture – The new generations, Opencity 2, Scandicci, Florence, June 2005.
2004 The sustainable city through the eyes of an artist, curated by S. Bottinelli e P. Gaglianò, Florence – Fortezza da Basso, December 2004.


2013 La Palazzina Reale curated by OAF/FAF, publishing direction by Eva Parigi, Maschietto Editore.
2010 Maurizio Nannucci. Luci sulla città (E. Parigi, P. Gaglianò), And n.17, january-april 2010.
2005 Objects in the web (E. Parigi, M. Zetti), Opere n.10, september 2005.
2006 Lloyd Hotel (E. Parigi), AND four monthly architectural magazine, n. 5, march 2006.
2004 A new heart for Siena (E. Parigi), AND four monthly architectural magazine, n.3, november 2004.
2004 Danish invasion (E. Parigi) and Gegen den strom (M. Zetti), AND four monthly architectural magazine, n.3, november 2004.
2004 The contemporary exhibition project (E. Parigi) and Architecture and museums in the digital revolution (M. Zetti), in “The space of communication – Architecture of memory and fragments of contemporary art”, Alinea publishing, Florence 2004.
1998 Idea of modern garden (E. Parigi), in “Garden parks landscapes”, curated by G. Pettena, Le Lettere publlishing, Florence 1998.

Design Research curated by Isai Design Academy, exhibition catalogue, edition 2016.
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Exhibit design – Bachelor Programme 1997-2003, UniFi
Architectural and urban design – Bachelor Programme 1997-2005, UniFi
Architectural and urban design – Master Programme 2004-2007, UniFi
Interior design Industrial technology Master Programme – 2008-2012, SSTI
Interior design Master Programme – 2011-present / Lecturer, LdM Institute, Florence
Product design / Interior design – Academic bachelor programme – 2012-present, IED Florence
Juror – Final critics – spring 2018, KSU Kent State University in Florence


ADC Annual design award/The One club for creativity, NYC, 2019
Bottega Strozzi Award, Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, 2020
La città del terzo millennio/Rasoparete contest, 2021
QS Global Academic Survey, 2020 – present
Open procedure design competition for the new ASL center in Marradi (Fi), 2021
Made in MIDA – The upcoming craft, 2022


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Valentina Ghiringhelli (2017)
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Erika Cavallo (2017)
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Michela Voglino (2008-2016)
Annalisa Scarnera (2015-2016)
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