Diogenèa - A tale of bowls

It is said that the philosopher Diogenes (4th Century BC), used to wander around Athens with nothing but a cloak, a stick, a bowl and a knapsack, sometimes sleeping in a barrel. One day he saw a young boy drinking directly from his hands, and soonafter he threw away his bowl and said: “I was given a lesson of simplicity by this boy”.

Diogenèa - A tale of bowls is a reflection on the archetypal forms related to food, and a tribute to the essence of an object - the bowl - that can be said a model to compare materials and different processes with multiple changes of material applied to an identical mold (from marble to crochet, from marsh grass to charred wood, from gold-leaf to terracotta from Impruneta...). Each one of these materials carries with it a tale of technology, territories, handycraft traditions and prestigious products.
This multiplicity of stories conveys the object an extra asset, despite its “design level zero” aesthethics: an essential form, both archetypal and contemporary. Diogenèa is also a tale on the simplicity of everyday objects, and a recognition of materials and workmanship that are available at “zero distance” - and in some cases are even closer to disappear; being as they are, each in its own way, bravely alien to the logics of mass production.

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Photo: Maurizio Picci

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