By the end of 2016, the passage of humanity into a new geological era will have been made official. This will be characterized by the effects of anthropization of the planet: we will have made the transition from the Holocene to the Anthropocene era, or rather, the human era.

The idea for the Anthropocèni project stemmed from the observation of the extraordinary collections of artifacts of the Ethno-Antropology Museum of the University of Florence.
It was based on an investigation through images, researching primordial suggestions as a means to revisit the evolution of Man as a social creature.
ZPSTUDIO reproduces some of the most iconic objects in different shapes and materials, using innovative technology and adding contemporary Man’s sensitivity. This gives rise to a new collection of design articles, as if they were brought back to light as technofossils of the future: the Anthropocèni”.

The project was developed under the patronage of the Natural History Museum of the University of Florence - Ethno-Anthropology Section.

It was displayed during the Milan Design Week (11-17 April 2016) at Galleria Mirco Cattai, via Manzoni 12 Milano.

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