PUSHKINSKY RELOADED - international contest - 2011

The main goal of the Competition was to rebuild the façade for the Pushkinsky Cinema Hall, a rare modernistic architecture and iconic symbol for the moscovites.
A marriage between old and new is allowed by the use of DuPontTM materials: Corian surfaces become a skin that envelopes and protects the old building, revealing itself as a precious heritage not to be destroyed. A big number of pyramid-shape tiles made of Corian decorate the facade as a wave of digital pixels, which create the new sign of the cinema. The decor texture is an abstract reference to traditional russian patterns (a modern synthesis between the pyramids of St. Basil's Cathedral and the images of Digital Age). The same “pixel effect” is repeated on the staircase, in the form of a golden carpet that welcomes the audience and leads them to the main entrances.
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