LIGHTSCAPE - video installation - 2005

Installation for THE STORYTELLERS exhibit, edited by Marco Brizzi in BEYOND MEDIA, 8° International festival of architecture and media, Florence, staz. Leopolda, december 2005. Lightscape proposes a representation of a sensitive system definition of urban landscape, displaying the transformations that light, combined with its high speed propagation, will be able to give to the perceived environment. In the near future telecommunication systems and data transmission will use photonic networks mainly based on the transmission speed of light beam, whose basic unit is the photon (elementary particle which obtains mass only when in movement, and defines light as a moving system). In the city of the future houses and streets are crossed by streams of luminous invisible particles and are at the basis of any business. A new urban definition system, an extra fast sign apparatus which is expressed through clusters, trails and spirals and overwrites the massive static traditional city closed and deformable, defining all useful strategies. The image representation is to give a physical substance to the light vectors passage isolating them to a slow down of 1/1.000.000 sec. This type of luminous mapping is a hypothetical “territorial Photonic plan” and is displayed on sample that represents the city of Florence.
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