EUROPAN 8 - STAGE IN LIVORNO - contest - 2005/2006

European design contest for urban renewal in Livorno area - Barrier Garibaldi, Europan 8 / Urbanity. Mentioned project. Finding new organizing models, to generate open energy systems, to incorporate new informations able to renew territorial structure. The project leads a main programmatic element to the functional centre of the whole design process: the “life-plan”. This element acts as a generator of functional density' instead of population density, and no longer denies the inevitable search for community. The “life-plan” works as a unifying element in sequences of public space, where semi-private and private buildings are integrated in a “live” system, which active at different levels and is based on maximum openness and sharing og living space. Design Group: Matteo Zetti, Eva Parigi, Giovanni Todesca. Collaborators: Emilia Castellani, Claudio Cappelli.
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